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  • 9780393920376 72

    The Social Side of Politics

    Douglas Hartmann, Christopher Uggen


    Assembling the most provocative new thinking on politics and political processes.

  • 9780393927269 72

    A Sociology of Globalization

    Saskia Sassen


    This groundbreaking study focuses on the importance of place, scale, and nation to the study of globalization.

  • 9780393912876 72

    The Sociology of News

    Michael Schudson

    Second Edition


    A personal, trenchant, and comprehensive account of the contemporary news media.

  • 9780393927276 72

    Strangers in a Strange Land: Humans in an Urbanizing World

    Douglas Massey


    Drawing from evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and sociology, this truly interdisciplinary study explores how the drive to find social connection has shaped the size, structure, and organization of human communities from the Stone Age to the post-industrial present.

  • 9780393937688 72

    Thinking Through Theory

    John Levi Martin


    Teach students how to think about sociological theory.