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  • 9780393918779 72

    In the Trenches: Teaching and Learning Sociology

    Maxine P. Atkinson, Kathleen S. Lowney


    An extensive guidebook on teaching sociology, written by two recent recipients of the American Sociological Association Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award.

  • 9780393978148 72

    Methods of Discovery: Heuristics for the Social Sciences

    Andrew Abbott, Jeffrey C. Alexander


    Methods of Discovery is organized around strategies for deepening arguments in order to find the best ways to study social phenomena.

  • 9780393976434 72

    The Mismatched Worker

    Arne L. Kalleberg


    In this provocative new study, Arne L. Kalleberg examines how the now-common expectation that a career should at once provide fulfillment, challenge, meaning, and financial success is creating a growing number of “mismatched” workers—workers who fit poorly with their employers or careers.

  • 9780393602791 72

    Mix It Up: Popular Culture, Mass Media, and Society

    David Grazian

    Second Edition


    A twenty-first century introduction to sociological thinking on pop culture, the media, and society.

  • 9780393975055 72

    The New Medical Sociology: Social Forms of Health and Illness

    Bryan S. Turner


    The New Medical Sociology makes a bold and innovative investigation of how society makes us sick.