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  • 9780393421392 72

    Interactive Psychology: People in Perspective

    James J. Gross, Toni Schmader, Bridgette Martin Hard, Adam K. Anderson

    Mixed media product

    A breakthrough for interactive learning in psychology.

  • 9780393640250 72

    Intimate Relationships

    Thomas N. Bradbury, Benjamin R. Karney

    Third Edition


    Current and diverse: a perfect match for today’s student.

  • 9780393924473 72

    Learning & Memory

    Howard Eichenbaum


    In Learning & Memory, leading researcher Howard Eichenbaum provides a new-fashioned synthesis of the contemporary learning and memory fields.

  • 9780393967173 72

    Motivation: The Organization of Action

    Douglas G. Mook

    Second Edition


    This Second Edition of Motivation: The Organization of Action has the same goal as the first: to present a coherent view of theory and research in motivation.

  • 9780393960228 72

    Passions Within Reasons

    Robert H. Frank


    In this book, I make use of an idea from economics to suggest how noble human tendencies might not only have survived the ruthless pressures of the material world, but actually have been nurtured by them.