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  • 9780393972184 72

    Thinking Clearly: A Guide to Critical Reasoning

    Jill LeBlanc


    In tune with the needs of students, Thinking Clearly focuses squarely on core issues of critical reasoning.

  • 9780393955309 72

    The Essential Adam Smith

    Adam Smith, Robert L. Heilbroner, Laurence J. Malone


    Few writings are more often cited as a cornerstone of modern economic thought than those of Adam Smith. Few are less read.

  • 9780393952162 72

    Aristotle's Poetics

    Aristotle, James Hutton, James Hutton


    Here is a new translation, remarkable for its accuracy and refreshing clarity of exposition, of the first major work of literary criticism.

  • 9780393005837 72

    Early Greek Science: Thales to Aristotle

    G. E. R. Lloyd


    Although there is no exact equivalent to our term science in Greek, Western science may still be said to have originated with the Greeks, for they were the first to attempt to explain natural phenomena consistently in naturalistic terms, and they initiated the practices of rational criticism of scientific theories.