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  • 9780393643206 72

    Back to the Lake: A Reader and Guide

    Thomas Cooley

    Third High School Edition


    A new take on the traditional rhetorical modes, showing how they are used in the kinds of writing students are most often assigned—arguments, analyses, reports, narratives, and more. Now available in a high school hardcover edition.

  • The Canterbury Tales Handbook

    Elizabeth Scala


    The essential student companion for reading and understanding.

  • 9780393968231 72

    Der treffende Ausdruck: Texte, Themen, Übungen

    Brigitte M. Turneaure

    Second Edition


    Written to fill the need for a core text in third-year German conversation and composition course, Der treffende Ausdruck became, upon publication, the leading book in its field.

  • 9780393976052 72

    Eight Old English Poems

    Robert D. Fulk, John C. Pope

    Third Edition


    A meticulous updating of the highly respected Norton college paperback Seven Old English Poems, this Third Edition, retitled Eight Old English Poems meets the needs of both graduate and undergraduate students of Old English.