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  • 9780393919691 72

    Economics USA

    Nariman Behravesh

    Eighth Edition


    Help your students appreciate how economic thinking and policy apply in the real world.

  • 9780393937145 72

    Intermediate Microeconomics with Calculus: A Modern Approach

    Hal R. Varian

    International Student Edition


    Rigorous and modern—now with calculus integrated into the main text.

  • Managerial Economics: Theory, Applications, and Cases

    W. Bruce Allen, Keith Weigelt, Neil A. Doherty, Edwin Mansfield

    Eighth Edition

    Digital product license key

    Thoroughly updated to reflect the post-crisis, global, and digital economy.

  • Economics of Development

    Dwight H. Perkins, Steven Radelet, David L. Lindauer, Steven A. Block

    Seventh Edition

    Digital product license key

    A dynamic revision of the most modern development economics textbook.

  • 9780393920789 72

    Introduction to Economic Growth

    Charles I. Jones, Dietrich Vollrath

    Third International Student Edition


    The long-awaited revision of the text that brought growth theory to the classroom.