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  • 9780393913491 72


    Carl T. Bergstrom, Lee Alan Dugatkin

    International Student Edition


    Written by active researchers to present a contemporary view of the field.

  • How Humans Evolved

    Robert Boyd, Joan B. Silk

    Sixth Edition

    Digital product license key

    The science of human evolution, not just the sites.

  • 9780393655483 72

    How Humans Evolved

    Robert Boyd, Joan B. Silk

    International Eighth Edition

    Mixed media product

    The most complete introduction to the science of human evolution.

  • 9780393614008 72

    Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology

    Clark Spencer Larsen

    Fourth Edition

    Mixed media product

    Create the best physical anthropology experience for your students!

  • 9780393912890 72

    Reconstructing Human Origins: A Modern Synthesis

    Glenn C. Conroy, Herman Pontzer

    Third Edition


    The definitive textbook for paleoanthropology courses.