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  • 9780393700947 72

    Symptom Analysis: A Method of Brief Therapy

    M. Gerald Edelstien


    Demonstrates that a minor variation of Freud's trauma theory, known as brief therapy, can be seen as the core of all major modern therapies, from behaviour therapy to psychoanalysis.

  • 9780393700596 72

    Object Relations Therapy: Using the Relationship

    Sheldon Cashdan


    Cashdan's expertise as a teacher is amply demonstrated as he outlines the steps of object relations therapy, from engagement, through identification and confrontation within the therapy relationship--those centering around issues of dependency, sexuality, power, and ingratiation.

  • 9780393700565 72

    Family Evaluation

    Murray Bowen, Michael E. Kerr


    The concepts of Murray Bowen, one of the founders of family therapy and the originator of family systems theory, are brought together here in an integrative fashion.

  • 9780393700589 72

    Siblings in Therapy: Life Span and Clinical Issues

    Michael D. Kahn, Karen Gail Lewis


    The first section covers Sibling Dynamics: General Issues: here contributors look at intense sibling relationships, effects of birth order and...

  • 9780393700374 72

    Humanizing the Narcissistic Style

    Stephen M. Johnson


    The narcissistic style is rooted in the individual’s family and early childhood and is an endemic result of our culture’s material perfectionism.