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  • 9780393704617 72

    Pediatric Psychopharmacology: Fast Facts

    Daniel F. Connor, Bruce M. Meltzer


    The psychopharmacological treatment of youth calls for knowledge and skill in selecting medications and doses appropriate to the developmental stage of children and teens.

  • 9780393704198 72

    Clinical Guide to Psychotropic Medications

    Steven L. Dubovsky


    With a vast array of medications available for prescription, psychiatrists demand reference books that quickly summarize various drugs with an emphasis on their properties, most effective usages, cross-indications, and potential side effects.

  • 9780393704266 72

    Comprehensive Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry

    George T. Grossberg, Lissy F. Jarvik, Barnett S. Meyers, Joel Sadavoy

    Third Edition


    The Comprehensive Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry is the standard reference in the field.

  • 9780393704211 72

    Psychotropic Drugs and Women: Fast Facts

    Victoria Hendrick, Michael Gitlin


    Whereas potential risks of medication exposure during pregnancy had once been the key consideration when prescribing psychotropic drugs, research...

  • 9780393703757 72

    Psychotropic Drugs and The Elderly: Fast Facts

    Joel Sadavoy


    Medical issues typically presented by seniors, disabilities that accompany the aging process, and nursing home situations are addressed throughout...