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  • 9780393732412 72

    Trompe L'Oeil: Italy Ancient and Modern

    Martin Benad, Ursula E. Benad


    For centuries Italy has exuded a mythical aura: in no other country do antiquity and modernity, history, art, landscape, and the graceful art of living seem to merge and coexist with such simple elegance as in this land steeped in over two millennia of cultural heritage.

  • 9780393731712 72

    Trompe L'Oeil: Sky and Sea

    Martin Benad, Ursula E. Benad


    Sky and sea are the trompe l'oeil painter's favorite motifs for contemporary interiors.

  • 9780393731309 72

    Trompe L'Oeil Today

    Martin Benad, Ursula E. Benad


    From a countryside panorama in a windowless room to a faux mosaic wall, an intricately painted Oriental carpet to a soaring cathedral dome in a single-story room, Trompe l’oeil painting offers an art form ideal for contemporary interiors, adding color and aesthetic atmosphere and responding to specific architectural needs and situations.

  • 9780393733075 72

    Garden Guide: New York City

    Nancy Berner, Susan Lowry, Joseph De Sciose

    Revised Edition


    A horticultural escape and guided tour through all the best- and little-known gardens in New York City’s five boroughs.

  • 9780393730364 72

    The Nature of Ornament: Rhythm and Metamorphosis in Architecture

    Kent Bloomer


    A treasure trove of ideas and encouragement for architects looking for alternatives to the severity of modernism and graceless postmodernism.