Norton Critical Editions:Renaissance Literature

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  • 9780393930771 72

    Antony and Cleopatra

    William Shakespeare, Ania Loomba

    First Edition


    William Shakespeare’s great Roman tragedy of adultery amid political conflict is now available in a richly documented and illustrated Norton Critical Edition.

  • 9780393932775 72

    The Roaring Girl

    Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker, Jennifer Panek

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition of Thomas Middleton and Thomas Dekker’s The Roaring Girl is based on the text from English Renaissance Drama: A Norton...

  • 9780393932461 72


    Thomas More, George M. Logan, Robert M. Adams

    Third Edition


    Inspiring, provocative, prophetic, and enigmatic, Utopia is the literary masterpiece of a visionary statesman and one of the most influential books of the modern world.

  • 9780393931716 72

    Measure for Measure

    William Shakespeare, Grace Ioppolo

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition looks at the full range of opinion and interpretation of this major play from its origins to the present day, from its “genius” (William Hazlitt) to its being a “hateful work, although Shakespearean throughout” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge), and beyond.

  • 9780393927078 72

    The Taming of the Shrew

    William Shakespeare, Dympna Callaghan

    First Edition


    This Norton Critical Edition of one of Shakespeare’s earliest and best-loved comedies is based on the First Folio (1623).