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  • One Hundred Poems from the Chinese

    Kenneth Rexroth


    The lyrical world of Chinese poetry in faithful translations by Kenneth Rexroth.

  • One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese: Love and the Turning Year

    Kenneth Rexroth, Kenneth Rexroth


    An assemblage of delicate Chinese verse which delicately explore the worlds of love, nature, and meditation.

  • 9780811200073 72

    Paris Spleen

    Charles Baudelaire, Louise Varèse


    One of the founding texts of literary modernism.

  • 9780811200264 72

    Elegiac Feelings American: Poetry

    Gregory Corso


    A collection of poems by the renowned Beat poet, Gregory Corso.

  • 9780811201957 72

    Earth House Hold

    Gary Snyder


    Both Pound and Williams have shown a good poet can revitalize prose style. Earth House Hold (a play on the root meaning of "ecology"), drawn from Gary Snyder's essays and journals, may prove a landmark for the new generation.