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  • 9780393337778 72

    Woman Reading to the Sea: Poems

    Lisa Williams


    “Lisa Williams brings us a poetry of intense observation yoked with equal force to celebration and cerebration.”—Gregory Orr

  • 9780811208208 72

    Women Poets of Japan

    Ikuko Atsumi, Kenneth Rexroth


    From early as the seventh century up to the present day, no other has had so many important women poets as Japan.

  • 9780393327359 72

    Women of America: Poems

    Charlie Smith


    "Seldom have loss, anger, and self-loathing been so cutting or vividly portrayed."--Library Journal

  • 9780393338195 72

    Word Comix: Poems

    Charlie Smith


    “Smith writes with a scalding aortal brilliance that leaves the reader drunk on dream.”—New York Times Book Review

  • 9780393342413 72

    The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation

    Greg Delanty, Michael Matto, Seamus Heaney


    "A book the many fans of Heaney's Beowulf might take home and dip into, almost at random, for years." —Publishers Weekly