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  • Luxury: Poems

    Philip Schultz


    With humour, irony and celebration, Luxury explores the comfort and sustenance of life, the bittersweet clarity of ageing and the anxiety of existence.

  • 9780393357516 72

    Galaxy Love: Poems

    Gerald Stern


    “What a voice, what a bardic roll. [Stern’s] poetry is a lifelong act of love.”— Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Mourning Songs: Poems of Sorrow and Beauty

    Grace Schulman


    A beautiful, compact, gift edition of some of the world’s greatest poems about loss and death, to ease the heart of the bereaved

  • 9780393356526 72

    Whereas: Poems

    Stephen Dunn


    Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Dunn examines the difficulties of telling the truth, and the fictions with which we choose to live.

  • Songs of Mihyar the Damascene

    Adonis, Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Ivan Eubanks, Robyn Creswell


    A brilliant new translation of the landmark poetry collection by “the most eloquent spokesman and explorer of Arabic modernity” (Edward Said)