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  • Featured9781631495960 72

    Prison Letters

    Nelson Mandela, Sahm Venter, Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela


    An unforgettable portrait of one of the most inspiring historical figures of the twentieth century.

  • 9780393035407 72

    Ezra Pound and James Laughlin: Selected Letters

    Ezra Pound, James Laughlin, David McCall Gordon


    Ezra Pound and James Laughlin: Selected Letters is a modernist source book - essential reading for anyone interested in tracing the real development of twentieth-century literature.

  • Featured9781631497674 72

    Letters to a Young Poet: With the Letters to Rilke from the ''Young Poet''

    Rainer Maria Rilke, Franz Xaver Kappus, Damion Searls


    Nearly a century after the publication of Rilke’s inspirational work, the missing letters of the young poet himself finally appear in this canonical edition.

  • 9780393060645 72

    Joseph Roth: A Life in Letters

    Joseph Roth, Michael Hofmann, Michael Hofmann


    The monumentality of this biographical work further establishes Joseph Roth—with Kafka, Mann, and Musil—in the twentieth-century literary canon.

  • 9780393327564 72

    Letters to a Spiritual Seeker

    Henry D. Thoreau, Bradley P. Dean


    "With quotable lines on every page, this is an important and affecting addition to the Thoreau shelf." —Booklist