Graphic Novels

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  • 9780393358216 72

    Kafkaesque: Fourteen Stories

    Franz Kafka, Peter Kuper, Peter Kuper


    Award-winning graphic novelist Peter Kuper presents a mesmerising interpretation of fourteen iconic Kafka short stories.

  • Featured9780393635645 72

    Heart of Darkness

    Joseph Conrad, Peter Kuper, Maya Jasanoff


    Acclaimed illustrator Peter Kuper delivers a shocking graphic interpretation of this controversial classic.

  • Featured9780393651621 72

    The Envious Siblings: and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes

    Landis Blair


    Eight gleefully macabre vignettes by an award- winning comics artist, as delightful as they are deadly.

  • Featured9781631496271 72

    Home After Dark: A Novel

    David Small


    A savage portrayal of male adolescence gone awry, like no other work of recent fiction or film.

  • 9781643130163 72

    Goya: The Terrible Sublime: A Graphic Novel

    El Torres, Fran Galán


    Celebrated artist Francisco de Goya confronts demons real and imagined in this vivid portrayal of the end of his life.