Graphic Novels

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  • 9780393635621 72

    Kafkaesque: Fourteen Stories

    Peter Kuper, Peter Kuper, Franz Kafka


    Award-winning graphic novelist Peter Kuper presents a mesmerising interpretation of fourteen iconic Kafka short stories.

  • 9781681778631 72

    The First Man: The Graphic Novel

    Albert Camus, Jacques Ferrandez, Ryan Bloom


    A visually arresting adaptation of Albert Camus’s masterful biographical novel that offers a new graphic interpretation for the next generation of readers.

  • 9781681778488 72

    Moby Dick: The Illustrated Novel

    Herman Melville, Anton Lomaev


    Perhaps the greatest of all American novels, Moby Dick is newly presented with sixty inspiring full-page illustrations that bring fresh life and emotional depth to this classic of literature.

  • 9781681778556 72

    H. P. Lovecraft: He Who Wrote in the Darkness: A Graphic Novel

    Alex Nikolavitch, Gervasio-Aon-Lee


    For all readers and admirers of this genius of supernatural fiction, the hauntingly strange and surprising story of the life of H. P. Lovecraft, vividly presented in graphic novel form for the very first time.

  • 9781631493133 72

    The Ghost Script: A Graphic Novel

    Jules Feiffer


    Never has the incomparable Jules Feiffer been more eerily prophetic than in this stunning finale to his best-selling Kill My Mother trilogy.