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  • 9780811213790 72

    The Girls of Slender Means

    Muriel Spark


    "Long ago in 1945 all the nice people in England were poor, allowing for exceptions," begins The Girls of Slender Means, Dame Muriel Spark's tragic and rapier-witted portrait of a London ladies' hostel just emerging from the shadow of World War II.

  • 9780393317152 72

    Faithful Are the Wounds: A Novel

    May Sarton


    Set in the academic world of Harvard and Cambridge, this novel dramatizes the plight of the embattled American liberal in the 1950s.

  • 9780393316988 72

    Postmodern American Fiction: A Norton Anthology

    Paula Geyh, Fred G. Leebron, Andrew Levy


    From William S. Burroughs to David Foster Wallace, Postmodern American Fiction offers up witty, risky, exhilarating, groundbreaking fiction from five decades of postwar American life.

  • 9780393312515 72


    Richard Sennett


    “Historical fiction at its most scrupulous and carefully researched. . . . A novel of this kind needs to be elegantly written while getting its period language unobtrusively convincing. Sennett achieves both requisites quite splendidly.” —D. J. Enright, New York Review of Books

  • 9780393308556 72

    The Book of Embraces

    Eduardo Galeano, Cedric Belfrage


    Parable, paradox, anecdote, dream, and autobiography blend into an exuberant world view and affirmation of human possibility.