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  • 9781888889765 72

    Rage In Paris: A Novel

    Kirby Williams


    “One of the most hilarious fictions I have ever read…Nathaniel West might wish he had written it.” - Bill Henderson

  • 9780811228176 72

    The Doctor Stories

    William Carlos Williams, William Eric Williams, Atul Gawande


    A new edition of one of the best books ever written about being a doctor: writing as aware and memorable as Chekhov’s.

  • Clothes for a Summer Hotel: Play

    Tennessee Williams


    This late play by Tennessee Williams explores the troubled relationship between F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

  • 9780811218566 72

    Tales of Desire

    Tennessee Williams


    "I yearned for a bad influence and boy, was Tennessee one in the best sense of the word: joyous, alarming, sexually confusing and dangerously funny."—John Waters

  • 9780811217095 72

    A House Not Meant to Stand: A Gothic Comedy

    Tennessee Williams, Gregory Mosher, Thomas Keith


    The spellbinding last full-length play produced during the author's lifetime is now published for the first time.