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  • 9780393324495 72

    A Murder, a Mystery and a Marriage: A Story

    Mark Twain, Roy Blount, Peter de Sève


    An unpublished Mark Twain story surfaces 125 years after it was first written—a must-read for any Twain enthusiast and a perfect introduction to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

  • 9780393323795 72

    The Collected Stories of Joseph Roth

    Joseph Roth, Michael Hofmann


    The Collected Stories, in its variety and force, is the essential introduction to the fiction of Joseph Roth.

  • 9780393321999 72

    Freud's Megalomania: A Novel

    Israel Rosenfield


    "Wonderfully contrived ....a triumph of that false-memory syndrome called contemporary fiction."—New York Times Book Review

  • 9780393051872 72

    Nothing That Meets the Eye: The Uncollected Stories of Patricia Highsmith

    Patricia Highsmith


    "Highsmith is no more a practitioner of the murder mystery genre...than are Doestoevsky, Faulkner and Camus."—Joan Smith, Los Angeles Times

  • 9780393323665 72

    The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder

    Patricia Highsmith


    "Grisly and atmospheric…[these] stories feature small worlds of animal amorality in which the sweet taste of revenge leaves no aftertaste of guilt." —Publishers Weekly