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  • 9780811218566 72

    Tales of Desire

    Tennessee Williams


    "I yearned for a bad influence and boy, was Tennessee one in the best sense of the word: joyous, alarming, sexually confusing and dangerously funny."—John Waters

  • 9780811218122 72

    Your Face Tomorrow: Poison, Shadow, and Farewell

    Javier Marías, Margaret Jull Costa

    Volume: 3


    Your Face Tomorrow, Javier Marías’s daring novel in three parts culminates triumphantly in this much-anticipated final volume.

  • 9780811217095 72

    A House Not Meant to Stand: A Gothic Comedy

    Tennessee Williams, Gregory Mosher, Thomas Keith


    The spellbinding last full-length play produced during the author's lifetime is now published for the first time.

  • 9780811218382 72

    Seven Nights

    Jorge Luis Borges, Eliot Weinberger, Alastair Reid

    Revised Edition


    A collection drawn from Jorge Luis Borges' lectures.

  • 9780811218337 72

    Billancourt Tales

    Nina Berberova, Marian Schwartz


    Written in Paris between 1928 and 1940 for an emigrant newspaper, Billancourt Tales is about the industrialized suburb of Paris where thousands of exiled Russians, including Berberova, were finding factory work and establishing homes.