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  • 9781605983530 72

    The Werewolf of Paris: A Novel

    Guy Endore


    Endore’s classic werewolf novel—now Back in print for the first time in over forty years—helped define a genre and set a new standard in horror fiction.

  • 9780393341645 72

    The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint: A Novel

    Brady Udall


    "An ingenious tale [that] takes its heart from Dickens and its soul from America’s great outlaw West." —Elle

  • 9780811220026 72

    Near to the Wild Heart

    Clarice Lispector, Alison Entrekin, Benjamin Moser


    This new translation of Clarice Lispector's sensational first book tells the story of a middle class woman's life from childhood through an unhappy marriage and its dissolution to transcendence.

  • 9780811219686 72

    The Passion According to G.H.

    Clarice Lispector, Idra Novey, Benjamin Moser


    Lispector’s most shocking novel.

  • 9780811219907 72

    Água Viva

    Clarice Lispector, Stefan Tobler, Benjamin Moser


    Lispector at her most philosophically radical.