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  • Doppelgänger

    Daša Drndic, S.D. Curtis, Celia Hawkesworth


    Longlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2019, a swift, biting novel from the late Croatian master, Dasa Drndic 

  • Murder by an Aristocrat

    Mignon G. Eberhart, Nancy Pickard


    After a murder at the manor where she’s employed, a nurse trades her stethoscope for a magnifying glass…

  • Twenty Years After: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers

    Alexandre Dumas, Lawrence Ellsworth


    A new translation of Dumas’s rousing sequel to The Three Musketeers, picking up twenty years after the conclusion of that classic novel and continuing the adventures of the valiant d’Artagnan and his three loyal friends. 

  • 9780393357585 72

    The Shades: A Novel

    Evgenia Citkowitz


    “Elegantly unnerving.” —New York Times Book Review

  • Featured9780393357370 72

    Gone So Long: A Novel

    Andre Dubus


    Andre Dubus III probes the limits of recovery and absolution in this masterpiece of empathy.