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  • 9781324002895 72

    36 Righteous Men: A Novel

    Steven Pressfield


    New York homicide detectives pursue a serial killer in this apocalyptic thriller.

  • Murder by an Aristocrat

    Mignon G. Eberhart, Nancy Pickard


    After a murder at the manor where she’s employed, a nurse trades her stethoscope for a magnifying glass…

  • Sweet Days of Discipline

    Fleur Jaeggy, Tim Parks


    On the heels of I Am the Brother of XX and These Possible Lives, here is Jaeggy's fabulously witchy first book in English, with a new Peter Mendelsund cover

  • The Mad Hatter Mystery

    John Dickson Carr, Otto Penzler


    A murdered man in a top hat leads Dr. Gideon Fell to a killer with a sick sense of humor

  • The Bellamy Trial

    Frances Noyes Hart, Hank Phillippi Ryan


    A murder trial scandalizes the upper echelons of Long Island society, and the reader is on the jury…