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  • 9781631493973 72

    Always Happy Hour: Stories

    Mary Miller


    “Deftly crafted” (New York Review of Books), with its collection of lusty, lazy, hard-drinking characters, Always Happy Hour showcases transcendent contemporary talent at its best.

  • Scones and Scoundrels: The Highland Bookshop Mystery Series: Book 2

    Molly MacRae


    The new mystery in the Highland Bookshop series, bringing together a body outside a pub, a visiting author determined to find the killer, and a murderously good batch of scones . . .

  • The Kites

    Romain Gary, Miranda Richmond Mouillot


    Romain Gary’s bittersweet final masterpiece, a novel of courage and resistance—never before in English

  • Promise at Dawn

    Romain Gary


    A classic of modern French literature, the thrilling real-life story of the military hero, ambassador, ladies man, writer, and loving son

  • Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon

    Laurie R. King, Leslie S. Klinger


    In a stunning follow-up to the acclaimed In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger present a brand-new anthology of stories inspired by the Arthur Conan Doyle canon.