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    The Odyssey: A Dramatic Retelling of Homer's Epic

    Simon Armitage


    "Armitage has given an ageless story new vigor, and has done it with style, wit and elegance."—Literary Review

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    The Greek Way

    Edith Hamilton


    Edith Hamilton buoyantly captures the spirit and achievements of the Greek civilization for our modern world.

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    The Roman Way

    Edith Hamilton


    Drawing on the greatest writers of its civilization, Hamilton vividly depicts the life and spirit of Rome.

  • 9781631494666 72

    The Oresteia: Agamemnon, Women at the Graveside, Orestes in Athens

    Aeschylus, Oliver Taplin


    This spellbinding, ground-breaking translation reenergises Aeschylus’ enduring saga of split loyalties, bloody sacrifice and the efforts to bring peace after generations of strife.

  • 9780393356250 72

    The Odyssey

    Homer, Emily Wilson


    A lean, fleet-footed translation that recaptures Homer’s "nimble gallop" and brings an ancient epic to new life.