Children's Books

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  • 9780884486978 72

    The Buddy Bench

    Patty Brozo, Mike Deas


    Having seen what being left out is like, children become agents of change, convincing their teacher to let them build a buddy bench.

  • 9780884487357 72

    Tyaja Uses the THiNK Test

    Linda Ryden, Shearry Malone


    Ms. Snowden introduces the THiNK Test to Tyaja’s class.

  • Real Sisters Pretend

    Megan Dowd Lambert, Nicole Tadgell



  • 9780884487159 72

    Is 2 a Lot: An Adventure With Numbers

    Annie Watson, Rebecca Evans


    Ten is not a lot of popcorn pieces but it is a lot of chomping dinosaurs. One thousand is not a lot of grains of sand but it is a lot of hot air balloons!

  • 9780884484301 72

    Hawksbill Promise: The Journey of an Endangered Sea Turtle

    Mary Beth Owens


    There is a deserted bay on a small island off Antigua where hawksbill turtles crawl ashore at night during the mating season to lay their eggs. Two months later the hatchlings—each weighing less than an ounce—emerge from the sand and scramble to the sea in the moonlight. Only a lucky few survive.