Children's Books

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  • 9780884488224 72

    Calvin Gets the Last Word

    Margo Sorenson, Mike Deas


    The dictionary as narrator? YES!

  • 9780884488774 72

    The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation

    Licia Morelli, Jennifer E. Morris


    A perfect introduction to meditation for young readers, presented in a captivating story.

  • 9780884485742 72

    Astronaut Annie

    Suzanne Slade, Nicole Tadgell


    Annie’s joyful exuberance and her family’s whole-hearted support leave no doubt that her dream is within her grasp. This delightful story, which includes the real-life experiences of women astronauts, encourages young readers to pursue their dreams and re

  • 9781324015475 72

    Play Outside!

    Laurent Moreau


    Explore the beauty of the natural world and discover hundreds of creatures in a vibrant picture book fantasy.

  • 9780884485551 72

    Most People

    Michael Leannah, Jennifer E. Morris


    The world can be a scary place. Anxious adults want children to be aware of dangers but children should be aware of kindness too.