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  • 9780884485209 72

    Bees in the City

    Andrea Cheng, Sarah McMenemy


    2018 Green Earth Book Award Finalist

    Lionel lives in a Paris apartment building but loves keeping bees with his Aunt Celine at her farm outside the city. But when her bees start dying, how can he help?

  • 9780884483724 72

    The Soda Bottle School: A True Story of Recycling, Teamwork, and One Crazy Idea

    Laura Kutner, Suzanne Slade, Aileen Darragh


    • 2016 EUREKA SILVER
    • 2016 LIVING NOW AWARD, Books for Better LIving
    • CBC Recommended
    • Skipping Stones Honor Book

    In a Guatemalan village, students squished into their tiny schoolhouse, two grades to a classroom.

  • A Caribou Alphabet

    Mary Beth Owens


    Also included are a compendium of caribou facts and a new afterword about caribou in the twenty-first century. Journey into the magical world of...

  • When the Bees Fly Home

    Andrea Cheng, Joline McFadden


    Jonathan isn’t as strong or physical as his brother and can’t seem to please his beekeeper dad when he tries to help on the farm.

  • 9780884484431 72

    Melena's Jubilee

    Zetta Elliott, Aaron Boyd


    At breakfast she learns she has been given a “fresh start,” and she decides to celebrate by doing things differently for the rest of the day....