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  • 9780884487531 72

    Thanks to the Animals: 10th Anniversary Edition

    Allen Sockabasin, Rebekah Raye


    Named one of the Top 10 Native American Books for Elementary Schools by American Indians in Children's Literature

    Little Zoo Sap and his family are moving from their summer home on the coast to their winter home in the deep woods. Unnoticed, the youngster tumbles off the end of the sled.

  • City Fish Country Fish: How Fish Adapt to Tropical Seas and Cold Oceans

    Mary M. Cerullo, Jeffrey L. Rotman

    Second Edition


    Through color, shape,size, and other adaptations, city fish and country fish have evolved to survive in their particular habitats.In City Fish,...

  • 9780884487517 72

    The Secret Bay

    Kimberly Ridley, Rebekah Raye


    Narrated in the poetic voice of the estuary itself, and accompanied by natural-history sidebars about estuary plants, animals, and cycles, THE...

  • 9780884487586 72

    My Busy Green Garden

    Terry Pierce, Carol Schwartz


    So begins this lyrical tribute to the bugs, bees, and birds that make the garden such a busy place. With each turned page, more visitors appear,...

  • Catching Air: Taking the Leap with Gliding Animals

    Sneed B. Collard


    *NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book*  *Junior Library Guild Selection 2017*

    Only a few dozen vertebrate animals have evolved true gliding abilities, but they include an astonishing variety of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.