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  • 9780393039856 72

    The Norton Facsimile of the First Folio of Shakespeare: Based on Folios in the Folger Library Collection

    William Shakespeare, Charlton Hinman, Peter W. M. Blayney

    Hardcover, 1996

    A full-size photographic facsimile of one of the essential books of English literature and culture that has won the admiration of actors and scholars throughout the world.
  • 9780393265422 72

    The Tempest

    William Shakespeare, Peter Hulme, William H. Sherman

    Second Edition, Paperback, 2019

  • 9780393923261 72


    William Shakespeare, Robert S. Miola

    Second Edition, Paperback, 2013

    A tragedy that evokes both pity and terror—now in a thoroughly revised and updated Norton Critical Edition.
  • 9780393929591 72

    Richard III

    William Shakespeare, Thomas Cartelli

    First Edition, Paperback, 2009

    In The Tragedy of King Richard III, Shakespeare chronicles the rise and fall of one of history’s most repellent, and the theater’s most mesmerizing, figures.
  • 9780393927078 72

    The Taming of the Shrew

    William Shakespeare, Dympna Callaghan

    First Edition, Paperback, 2009

    This Norton Critical Edition of one of Shakespeare’s earliest and best-loved comedies is based on the First Folio (1623).
  • 9780393979312 72

    1 Henry IV

    William Shakespeare, Gordon McMullan

    Third Edition, Paperback, 2003

    The text, with few departures, is that of the First Quarto (1598) edition of the play.
  • 9780393316421 72


    William Shakespeare, Cyrus Hoy

    Paperback, 1996

    The authoritative version of Shakespeare's Hamlet, with a cover still from Kenneth Branagh's movie version of the play that defines English literature.
  • 9780393925296 72

    The Merchant of Venice

    William Shakespeare, Leah S. Marcus

    First Edition, Paperback, 2006

    The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s most beautiful plays and, conversely, his ugliest. Juxtaposed within the same conceptual frame are heavenly and musical harmonies, romantic love,...
  • 9780393926644 72

    King Lear

    William Shakespeare, Grace Ioppolo

    First Edition, Paperback, 2008

  • 9780393927627 72

    As You Like It

    William Shakespeare, Leah S. Marcus

    First Edition, Paperback, 2011

    “All the world’s a stage.” Shakespeare’s beloved pastoral comedy is now available in a Norton Critical Edition.