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  • 9780811220361 72

    That Smell and Notes from Prison

    Sonallah Ibrahim, Robyn Creswell

    Paperback, 2013

    That Smell is Sonallah Ibrahim’s modernist masterpiece and one of the most influential Arabic novels. Composed in the wake of a five-year prison sentence, the semi-autobiographical story follows a...
  • 9780811224932 72

    The Tongue of Adam

    Abdelfattah Kilito, Robyn Creswell, Marina Warner

    Paperback, 2016

    A playful and erudite look at the origins of language
  • Songs of Mihyar the Damascene

    Adonis, Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Ivan Eubanks, Robyn Creswell

    Paperback, 2019

    A brilliant new translation of the landmark poetry collection by “the most eloquent spokesman and explorer of Arabic modernity” (Edward Said)