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  • 9781613161043 72

    The Puzzle of the Happy Hooligan

    Stuart Palmer, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    After a screenwriter is murdered on a film set, a street-smart school teacher searches for the killer.
  • A Puzzle for Fools: A Peter Duluth Mystery

    Patrick Quentin, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2020

    A wave of murders rocks a sanitarium—and it's up to the patients to stop them
  • 9781613161012 72

    Death from a Top Hat

    Clayton Rawson, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    A detective steeped in the art of magic solves the mystifying murder of two occultists.
  • 9781613161029 72

    The Red Lamp

    Mary Roberts Rinehart, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    A professor tries to stop a murder spree, uncertain whether the culprit is man or ghost.
  • 9781613161036 72

    Home Sweet Homicide

    Craig Rice, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    The children of a mystery writer play amateur sleuths and matchmakers
  • 9781613161067 72

    The Chinese Orange Mystery

    Ellery Queen, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    A topsy-turvy crime scene sends a detective on a puzzling quest for the truth.
  • 9781613161180 72

    Death on the Aisle: A Mr. & Mrs. North Mystery

    Frances Lockridge, Richard Lockridge, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    They say Broadway is a graveyard of hopes and dreams, but someone’s adding corpses to its tombs…
  • 9781613161210 72

    A Taste for Honey

    H. F. Heard, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    In the countryside of Victorian England, a recluse and a beekeeper team up to catch a cunning villain.
  • 9781613161234 72

    The Unsuspected

    Charlotte Armstrong, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    To catch a murderous theater impresario, a young woman takes a deadly new role
  • 9781613161272 72

    The Dutch Shoe Mystery: An Ellery Queen Mystery

    Ellery Queen, Otto Penzler

    Paperback, 2019

    After a wealthy woman is strangled in a hospital full of relatives and friends, Ellery Queen searches for her deadly enemy.