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  • 9780811222754 72

    Because She Never Asked

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Valerie Miles

    Paperback, 2015

    A novella—half joke and half nightmare— by "Spain's most significant contemporary literary figure" (The New Yorker)
  • 9780811223461 72

    Vampire in Love

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Margaret Jull Costa

    Paperback, 2016

    “Arguably Spain’s most significant contemporary literary figure” (Joanna Kavenna, The New Yorker)
  • Mac's Problem

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Margaret Jull Costa, Sophie Hughes

    Paperback, 2019

    Enrique Vila-Matas’s new novel is perhaps his greatest: “playful and funny and among the best Spanish novelists” (Colm Tóibín)
  • 9780811221498 72

    The Illogic of Kassel

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Anne McLean, Anna Milsom

    Paperback, 2015

    A literary look at one of Europe’s most acclaimed art exhibitions by a Spanish author “offering strange cerebral satisfactions” (Village Voice).
  • 9780811223379 72

    A Brief History of Portable Literature

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Anne McLean, Thomas Bunstead

    Paperback, 2015

    A reader’s fictional tour of the art and lives of some of the great 20th-century Surrealists
  • 9780811218139 72

    Never Any End to Paris

    Enrique Vila-Matas, Anne McLean

    Paperback, 2011

    A splendid ironic portrayal of literary Paris and of a young writer’s struggles by one of Spain’s most eminent authors.