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  • 9780393044744 72

    Gimmick I: Français Parlé


    Paperback, 1977

    "I wish I had a book such as the Gimmick when I was living in France."—Henry Miller
  • 9780393301496 72

    Gimmick I: Italiano Parlato


    Paperback, 1984

    Perhaps I should begin with what a Gimmick is not. It is not a serious scholarly book. It IS the answer to your problems in speaking and understanding Italian - a method of acquiring an...
  • 9780393313055 72

    Spanish in 32 Lessons


    Paperback, 1995

    “Beginners aren’t imbeciles! The boring repetition of inane exercises in ‘modern’ methods is an insult to the intelligence.” —Adrienne
  • 9780393313468 72

    Italian in 32 Lessons


    Paperback, 1996

    A rapid and practical way for tourists, students, and businesspeople to master the basics of Italian and begin speaking the language.
  • 9780393314977 72

    German in 32 Lessons


    Paperback, 1997

    Here is the third in Norton's colorful reissues of Adrienne's popular guides to learning languages.
  • 9780393316698 72

    Fast French


    Paperback, 1998

    The author of the popular Gimmick series offers a basic teaching tool for people who need to learn the rudiments of French in a hurry.
  • 9780393318111 72

    Français Parlé


    Paperback, 1999

    "I wish I had had a book such as the Gimmick when I was living in France."—Henry Miller
  • 9780393318234 72

    Gesprochenes Deutsch: The Dynamic, Uncensored Vocabulary Learning Book


    Paperback, 1999

    Every language has a basic vocabulary of similar words and expressions.
  • 9780393265439 72

    Adrienne Rich: Poetry and Prose

    Adrienne Rich, Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Albert Gelpi, Brett C. Millier

    Second Edition, Paperback, 2018

    This Norton Critical Edition brings research into this beloved poet’s body of work completely up to date.
  • 9780393044805 72

    Gimmick I: Gesprochenes Deutsch

    Adrienne, Michèle Travernier, Wanda Bortel, Ursel Ba¨hl

    Paperback, 1977

    “To speak or not to speak? That is the Gimmick!” —Françoise Sagan