The Diagramming Dictionary

A Complete Reference Tool for Young Writers, Aspiring Rhetoricians, and Anyone Else Who Needs to Understand How English Works


Susan Wise Bauer (Author), Jessica Otto (Author), Patty Rebne (Illustrated by)

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Do you understand what makes good writing "good"? Are you struggling against your words instead of using them to express yourself well?

Diagramming a sentence shows you how it is (or isn't) working, and unlocks the door to clear, balanced writing. This handbook from Susan Wise Bauer, author of Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind, walks students through the rules of diagramming, from the simplest sentences to the most complex. Its simple instructions allow you to learn at your own pace, without an instructor.

Full of easy-to-understand example diagrams, colour-coded for quick recognition, this guide will be a trusted reference tool in your home, office or school for years to come.

For ages 13 and Up.

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