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Super Powders

Adaptogenic Herbs and Mushrooms for Energy, Beauty, Mood, and Well-Being


Katrine Van Wyk (Author)

With a Foreword by Frank Lipman

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From the author of Best Green Drinks Ever, an introduction and cookbook for adaptogens.

Natural remedies for physical ailments are well known; now hitting the scene are supplements—made from berries, mushrooms, herbs and other plants—that can help the body and mind adapt to stress. These “adaptogens” work towards restoring balance, enhancing focus and stamina, boosting energy and improving mood. In Super Powders Katrine van Wyk takes 20 adaptogens and describes what they are and how to use them. Then Van Wkyk shares the recipes she’s developed.

Adaptogens should be part of every healthy person’s routine. Super Powders reveals everything you need to know to get started.

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