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Moby Dick

The Illustrated Novel


Herman Melville (Author), Anton Lomaev (Illustrated by)

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Perhaps the greatest of all American novels, Moby Dick is newly presented with sixty inspiring full-page illustrations that bring fresh life and emotional depth to this classic of literature.

Every reader knows the obsessive story of Captain Ahab and the famous white whale. Moby Dick is the great American novel, a monument of literature.

Based on the events depicted in the “Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex” and the legend of “Mocha Dick", it is the story of the wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage aboard the whaling ship the Pequod. Commanded by the obsessed Captain Ahab, a man who is hell-bent on revenge against a white whale of incredible ferocity, the Pequod and its crew are tasked with this singular goal, whatever the emotional or human cost. It is a novel rich with symbolism and complex themes.

But this mythical adventure has never been portrayed in such a powerful way and with such striking illustrations, presenting a new perspective on this cornerstone of American literature. It marks a wonderful entry point for new readers to discover Melville's universe—and a beautiful edition for the countless dedicated readers of this unique novel.

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