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After Anatevka

A Novel Inspired by "Fiddler on the Roof"


Alexandra Silber (Author)

With a Foreword by Sheldon Harnick

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A sweeping historical novel in the grand tradition of Russian literature that imagines what happens to the characters of Fiddler on the Roof after the curtain falls.

In After Anatevka, Alexandra Silber picks up where Fiddler on the Roof left off. Second-eldest daughter Hodel takes centre stage as she attempts to join her Socialist-leaning fiancé Perchik to the outer reaches of a Siberian work camp. But before Hodel and Perchik can finally be together, they both face extraordinary hurdles and adversaries—both personal and political—attempting to keep them apart at all costs.

A love story set against a backdrop of some of the greatest violence in European history, After Anatevaka is a stunning conclusion to a tale that has gripped audiences around the globe for decades.


“While most actors do research for a role, Alexandra Silber has gone above, beyond, and below as she follows these characters out of the story of Fiddler on the Roof and into the wider world. Who knew this accomplished actress was an equally accomplished actress was an equally accomplished spinner of tales? Told with skill and depth of emotion, After Anatevka is something quite miraculous.” — Ted Chapin, President of Rodgers & Hammerstein

After Anatevka is a stunning continuation of a tale that has gripped audiences around the globe for decades.” — Psychologies

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