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Vertical Aid

Essential Wilderness Medicine for Climbers, Trekkers, and Mountaineers


Seth C. Hawkins (Author), R. Bryan Simon (Author), J. Pearce Beissinger (Author), Deb Simon (Author)

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A climbing medicine and wilderness first aid guidebook from a team of proven experts

Climbing and mountaineering attracts millions of people around the world each year, but produces a unique set of challenges. The threat of danger is ever present, and professional medical help is often far away. Vertical Medicine Resources is a renowned climbing company providing medical training and consultation. In Vertical Aid, they have produced the most complete guide available for managing both emergencies and chronic injuries sustained during climbs. Researched and developed by professional healthcare providers and alpinists, the book includes helpful illustrations of common procedures and best practices, making it a practical and indispensable companion on any climbing, trekking, or alpine trip. It is replete with real-world-tested strategies, evidence-based medicine, and proven techniques. The diverse author team combines an EMS and emergency physician, a nurse, a physician assistant, and a nurse-trainer, who together have a profound depth of climbing, educational, and medical experience. With its unique combination of authoritative medical information and specific attention to the climbing environment, Vertical Aid is poised to become an authoritative resource for every climber, on every climb.


“By far the most updated medical information related to mountain travel.” — Rescue Climber Mountain Guides