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How to Be an Artist Without Losing Your Mind, Your Shirt, Or Your Creative Compass

A Practical Guide


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Be true to your artistic self—but don’t quit your day job.

Whether you're a new graduate, considering a job change, or a creative type who isn’t finding time to pursue your passions, don’t fall for this line: “Do what you love and the money will follow.” The world is full of starving artists, but you don’t need to starve financially to thrive artistically. Author JoAnneh Nagler wants you to welcome your creativity and continue to make art—but to do so with a plan. In this groundbreaking book, she provides step-by-step strategies to teach writers, sculptors, painters, musicians, designers, and other artists how tohave a well-supported, well-lived life—and make art at the same time.

Learn how to:

  • Answer your own artistic callings and get to your art work
  • Give up starving and struggling and build a supported, creative daily life
  • Manage time, money, and day jobs with easy-to-learn, simple tools
  • Develop rock-solid creative work ethics and motivational skills

No matter what kind of creative person you are, this book has the tools you need to live the life you’ve always wanted to live—right now, and for your whole life long.


“Written for every musician, painter, writer, photographer, or designer who wants to find the space, time, and will to do their art, Nagler’s (The Debt-Free Spending Plan) book provides the practical steps to creating a life that prioritizes the making of art….Nagler’s practical, disciplined, no-nonsense words are those of the experienced artist and life coach providing motivational inspiration and astute counsel. This highly recommended title will appeal to newly graduated artists in need of a guidebook as well as creative types trying to make the time to pursue their art.” — Library Journal