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The Starving Artist Cookbook

Illustrated Recipes for First-Time Cooks

June 2016

Sara Zin (Author)

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It was time to learn to cook so Sara Zin wrote down recipes and painted every dish when it was prepared.

Aspiring artist Sara Zin turned 30 and hit a wall. She was hungry—starving—to find meaning in her art. And she really wanted one of her grandmother’s famous oatmeal cookies. Zin didn’t know how to make them; she never learned how to cook. She decided it was time. This stunning cookbook is the result of that year’s journey, with basic recipes.


“This cookbook is great for those who aren't confident in the kitchen.” — The Independent

“Part memoir, part cookbook, lovers of art will appreciate its beauty as well as the simple recipes for comfort food favourites such as spaghetti carbonara and tomato soup.” — The Best Cookbooks for Hungry Students on a Budget, London Evening Standard



185 x 236 mm • 256 pages


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