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Best Green Eats Ever

Delicious Recipes for Nutrient-Rich Leafy Greens, High in Antioxidants and More


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Satisfy your hunger and your tastebuds with 75 healthy green vegetable recipes.

Leafy greens are the talk of the town, for they are the most nutritionally dense foods available. They are versatile ingredients that pack an enormously healthy punch. As Katrine Van Wyk demonstrated in Best Green Drinks Ever (ISBN 978 1 58157 227 8), leafy greens make terrific smoothies and juices, but she definitely does not recommend an all-liquid diet.

With 75 outrageously delicious recipes, there's something for everyone. Also included are modifications to make nearly every dish acceptable for a multitude of diets, from raw to cooked, paleo to vegan to gluten-free.

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