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Play Outside!

August 2020

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Explore the beauty of the natural world and discover hundreds of creatures in a vibrant picture book fantasy.

Two children are running around the house, knocking over furniture and getting in their mother’s way, so she tells them to go and play outside. Beginning in the garden, their outdoor adventure takes them on a tour through breathtaking landscapes, crossing deserts, climbing mountains, sailing the seas and exploring jungles. Along the way they encounter 250 different species of animals, from black bears and scorpions to barracudas and orangutans, and many of which are endangered or nearly extinct.

Blending storytelling and adventure, Laurent Moreau’s striking picture book celebrates human connection to the world around us. Play Outside! includes an index of the animals found within its pages, giving their level of vulnerability to extinction.



297 x 257 mm • 48 pages


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