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Arguing with Zombies

Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future


Paul Krugman (Author)

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An accessible, compelling introduction to today’s major policy issues from columnist, best-selling author and Nobel Prize–winning economist Paul Krugman.

There is no better guide than Paul Krugman to basic economics, the ideas that animate much of our public policy. Likewise, there is no better foe of zombie economics, the misunderstandings that just won’t die. Arguing with Zombies is Krugman “the most hated and most admired columnist in the US” (Martin Wolf, Financial Times) at his best, turning readers into intelligent consumers of the daily news with quick, vivid sketches of the key concepts behind taxes, health care, international trade and more.

In this new book, in which he builds on and expands his The New York Times columns and other writings, “the most celebrated economist of his generation” (The Economist), offers short, accessible chapters on topics including the European Union and Brexit, the fight for national health care in the United States, the financial meltdown of 2007–2008, the attack on Social Security and the fraudulent argument—the ultimate zombie—that tax cuts for the rich will benefit all.


“[Arguing with Zombies] is a timely reminder that actual knowledge and ordinary common sense are two of the rarest qualities in mainstream journalism today.” — Business Telegraph

“…Krugman’s book proves that he, a Nobel-prize winning economist, shares two rare qualities with George Orwell, the novelist who also wrote much of the best journalism of the 20th century: deep intelligence and genuine prescience.” — Charles Kaiser, The Guardian

“... thoughtful, timely book... ” — Nature

“... in terms of easy-to-read economic summaries of some of the biggest issues facing Western (particularly American) financial policy making, this book is a treasure-trove.” — FT Advisor

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