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Thanks to the Animals

10th Anniversary Edition


Allen Sockabasin (Author), Rebekah Raye (Illustrated by)

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Named one of the Top 10 Native American Books for Elementary Schools by American Indians in Children's Literature

Little Zoo Sap and his family are moving from their summer home on the coast to their winter home in the deep woods. Unnoticed, the youngster tumbles off the end of the sled.

Alone, cold, and frightened, Zoo Sap cries, and his cries attract the forest animals. Beginning with beaver and ending with the great bald eagle, the animals rush to protect the baby and shelter him from the cold until his father returns for him.  

  • New, expanded 10th-anniversary edition of this classic that has sold more than 30,000 copies. ·     
  • New features include an author’s note explaining the seasonal movement of the Passamaquoddy people; a pronunciation guide to the Passamaquoddy names of the animals in the story; and a QR code that will let readers link to the audio recording of Allen Sockabasin telling the story in the Passamaquoddy language.
  • A beguiling bedtime story and a profound expression of reverence for the natural world.

Lexile Level 620

Fountas and Pinnell Text Level L


“This delightful story is wonderful example of both the subtle directness and the deep awareness of our relation to the natural world that characterizes the very best American Indian traditional storytelling.  Allen’s voice is both gentle and strong.  I can’t think of a book I could recommend more highly for anyone who wants to give a young reader a true picture of the Native way of seeing, teaching, and understanding.” — Joseph Bruchac, author of more than 100 books, many of which reflect his American Indian (Abenaki) ancestry, including the young adult novel Killer of Enemies.

“  Sockabasin weaves a powerful story of paternal love while simultaneously expressing the mutual respect between his Passamaquoddy culture and the natural world.” — School Library Journal

“…a perfect bedtime story.” — Multicultural Review

“Sockabasin’s tale is richly delineated by Raye’s evocative images.  A tale for the seasons!” — Native Peoples

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