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Gloria's Big Problem


Sarah Stiles Bright (Author), Mike Deas (Illustrated by)

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Gloria’s Big Problem reassures kids that anxieties are common and that being brave doesn’t mean having no fear—it means overcoming the fears we have.

Gloria loves to sing, dance and act in her bedroom, but not in public. No way. Gloria’s big problem makes sure of that, following her wherever she goes and constantly reminding her that she’s anxious and frightened, that she’s not good enough and that everyone will laugh at her. Anxious Gloria worries all the time, about everything. Until, one day, Gloria summons all her courage to try out for a community theatre production. She marches herself to the audition and her big problem marches right in behind her. She gets up on stage and her big problem takes a seat in the front row and starts to laugh at her. And then at last she yells “STOP!” and her big problem shrinks to a little problem and Gloria wins a part in the play.


Gloria’s Big Problem addresses the anxieties, fears and worries of children with real sympathy and understanding. With its vivid and lively illustrations full of brilliant detail, the reader will sympathise and identify with Gloria’s problem, which could so easily be a problem of their own. Both reassuring and understanding, this book will help any child defeat the big green monster.” — Armadillo

“If ever there was a time when kid’s anxiety might be heightened, it’s now, so what better book to help children with their worries than this clever little story about a girl called Gloria.” — Good to Know

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