The World Never Sleeps


Natalie Rompella (Author), Carol Schwartz (Illustrated by)

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This nonfiction picture book reveals the hidden lives of insects and other small creatures from one midnight to the next. The world may appear to be sleeping in the dead of night, but it is not. As moonflowers open and stars shine, nature goes about her business. The world never sleeps. 

Natalie Rompella’s lyrical text is vividly complemented by Carol Schwartz’s watercolors. A cat roams through the illustrations—silent witness, in the house and in the yard, to the myriad lives of night and day. A sense of mystery pervades all—even the backmatter natural-history portraits of the animals met in the book. This nature book invites children into a parallel universe, one that teems with life while they sleep.

Lexile Level 700; F&P Level O


“The World Never Sleeps is a children's picture book that depicts the fascinating lives of insects and other creatures, who remain busy even after the sun sets. From hardworking, web-weaving spiders to skittering cockroaches and mayflies who often live for only one day as an adult, these tiny lives form an intricate part of the environmental balance - and the world never sleeps. Beautiful color illustrations and some supplementary information about common creatures round out this wonderful and educational book, perfect for reading aloud to children right before bedtime.” — Midwest Review of Books

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