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Melena's Jubilee

The Story of a Fresh Start

August 2021

Territory Rights — Worldwide excluding Canada.

Zetta Elliott (Author), Aaron Boyd (Illustrated by)

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After being sent to bed early the previous night, Melena wakes up to a new day with a song in her heart.

Forgive and be forgiven. It sounds so appealing—why doesn’t it happen every day? Finding herself forgiven on a rain-scrubbed morning after a difficult day, Melena seizes her fresh start and shares the song in her heart with her family and friends. It’s a day of new beginnings. It’s Melena’s jubilee. This story introduces children to the concept of jubilee, which stresses the important principles of debt relief, generosity and forgiveness. Aaron Boyd’s mixed-media illustrations are as bright and vivid as a sun-washed day.



231 x 257 mm • 32 pages


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