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Rubio and Julienne

A Sweet and Cheesy Tale


Dan Paley (Author), Lauren Gallegos (Illustrated by)

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But one day while making deliveries, they collided on a street corner. Rubio’s cheeses and Julienne’s fruits flew skyward and fell on their heads, creating spontaneous juicy pairings that they couldn’t help but taste. The forbidden combinations were out of this world. Nothing could ever be the same.  

Fortunately for Rubio and Julienne, their forbidden adventures end more happily than Romeo and Juliette’s, though not before our heroes overcome a few obstacles and accidents, one of which prompts a mortified Rubio to exclaim, “What cheese through yonder window breaks?”

A backmatter menu of child friendly delicious fruit-cheese combinations augments the story.

Lexile Level 580

Fountas and Pinnell Level O